Beninca SpA, a historic member of the BENINCÀ HOLDING Group, has produced automatic controls for doors and gates for residential and industrial use since 1979.
Right from the start, the two founders had a clear vision for their company: to provide high quality products by choosing outstanding materials and ensuring strict control of production processes,conducted solely on company premises. All this soon became a key factor in their success and the defining characteristic of their identity and Italian essence, transforming their brand and name into hallmarks of quality and reliability.


“ Our history begins as the union of a perfect duality, the meeting of two souls – technology and commercial acumen – that conceived a joint project whose balance enables evolution with no fear of adulteration. This is the story of two brothers who believed in their dream, but especially in a relationship of mutual trust and respect which has taken the brand a long way in the world.” Aldo Benincà

“ The market is nowadays constantly changing, and with it, all the needs and expectations.The know-how, built up over the years, must be fully at the disposal of our partners who in turn, from their leading position, become the brand testimonials in their own regions. In this sense, the company must be prepared to act as the first party, as a strategic partner providing daily support for the different activities in the network of professionals created over the years.” Luigi Benincà