Jun 2018 28

We are increasingly attentive to anything new, and this is why we have introduced the new BeMOVE system to the market, for remote management of all automatic entrances, and much more.

The system has a central gateway (HOOP) which acts as the interface between the application (BeMOVE) and the associated products (automation devices for gates, garage, lights, etc.).

Communication via radio between HOOP and the managed entrances can take place in two ways: bidirectional, through 868 MHz transceivers (g.MOVE) installed in objects and automation devices to control, or monodirectional, by using the consolidated Benincà 433.92 MHz receivers.

The first method permits actual remote control, by obtaining important information on the status of the door, the gate, the lights or other device that must be controlled (for example, is the gate open? Are the lights off); the second method allows exclusively to make the device follow a command (example: turn off the lights or close the door).

This is the application for the final user, which allows them to control all of the automation devices in the home or other devices through the HOOP interface. The App involves the possibility of hooking different gateways together depending on the various control contexts, and to create different accounts with personalised roles and modes of operation.

In relation to this, the application offers three different modes of operation: OPEN MODE, function without restrictions; SECURITY MODE, the Master user has the facility to manage and set restrictions for Slave users; OFFLINE MODE when there is no Internet connection.

In addition to the simple command and control of entrances, advanced programming functions are available which involve the possibility of managing planned events, access in certain time slots for selected users or automatic command through the GPS system on one’s smartphone, just to give a few examples.

In this way, it is possible to program the gate to open automatically with the GPS function when you are in range. We can also turn the lights on in the morning by managing events or controlling our home from remote.

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