The safety of an impregnable entrance, ARC and the TO.GO range.
Jun 2018 04

Intelligent management of entrances depends on the simplicity of the access control, but the subject of safety is always extremely modern and more than that, something that we cannot neglect.

For this reason, we introduced the new TO.GO transmitters, the first of a series of new generation radio control units that, thanks to the special Advanced Rolling Code (ARC), bring to the market something truly new in the area of security.

The length of the transmitted code, 128 bits instead of the 64 bits of the previous rolling code, ensures that transmitters with ARC coding become the only models able to dialogue with Benincà systems, which guarantees absolute security through the high number of possible combinations (3.4×1038).

TO.GO transmitters come in three versions, with ARC and Rolling Code (TO.GO_VA), ARC code only (TO.GO_A), and with ARC code and Fixed Code.

Accessories for TO.GO: TO.CLIP and SMART.

To complete the range, we’ve introduced the accessory TO.CLIP, which makes it possible to place the radio control unit on the sun visor or on the vents of your car.

SMART is the cover that allows you to turn the TO.GO transmitter into an actual wall-mounted push button panel.

In a few simple steps, SMART lets you manage automatic entrances, garden irrigation systems or outdoor lights from the comfort of indoors, without the need for expensive renovation work to cable the control unit on the inside of the house.

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