The new range of sliding doors
Mar 2018 16

Luce is the new sliding pedestrian door by MYONE, able to guarantee high performance operation and a high level of security in compliance with the EN16005 standard.

Equipped with a new magnetic encoder, Luce allows greater resolution and more accurate position control.

The control unit, incorporated in the transom, is equipped with an alphanumerical LED display configurable with the four-level menu, which makes programming much simpler:

Equipped with a self-calibrating function, the Luce sliding door is able to regulate operation parameters automatically during its first installation. Many operating logics and customisable parameters are present.

Connecting sensors and accessories to the automation device is made even simpler by the dedicated extractable terminals.

Security sensors are also constantly monitored according to requirements set forth in the ENEN16005 standards.

Luce has a switching full-range power supply unit, which ensures greater energy efficiency, and an integrated battery charger that guarantees operation even during a power failure.

The control unit performs a test to detect the presence of the batteries and the level of charge every 24 H, which makes it possible to monitor possible malfunctions very quickly.

The presence of a USB connector on the control unit allows the simply and quick updating of the automation firmware, in addition to giving an installer the possibility of downloading data pertaining to operating parameters and log files describing errors onto a flash drive.

This parameters download function is particularly interesting in case there is a need to replicate the data of a recent installation and enter it into another. It will be sufficient to upload the data onto a flash drive and then simply and immediately program the new automatic door.

The control unit also has a “menu protection” function which prevents third party actions and tampering.

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