Access control, a question of security.
Mar 2018 07

Bollards, systems for managing pedestrian crossings and controlling access points are just a few of the solutions that Rise offers for security professionals. They have been on the market since 2009.

The company’s orientation has gradually become the most distinctive element of its growth, and today it is reinforced by its association ASSOSICUREZZA, an organisation that unites Italian manufacturers and distributors of security systems.

This role allows Rise to complete the specialisation process that they started a few years ago, communicated through their pay-off, Smart Moving.

In recent years, other events have helped consolidate this specialisation, such as participation in trade fairs or sector-specific conventions, creating installations in specific projects or helping to write a university textbook on the subject of access control, which happened last year.

In fact, through the ASSOSICUREZZA association, Rise helped write an e-book that will be used by students and the University of Bologna, in the Forli campus, where a Security Technology Laboratory has been set up. This unique facility is for post graduate students.

The initiative is a feather in their hat, and is collocated within a project concerned with creating a new range of turnstiles for pedestrian access.

A completely new line, SECURITY, protected by an Italian patent.

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