KNX Protocol and Benincà: integration is at your fingertips.
Feb 2018 21

Speaking of intelligent objects and Smart Homes, our first thought is for all of those solutions that let us connect different objects together.

The real advantage is that the user obtains “connected” management, which translates as: controlling, monitoring and grouping different products and devices together.

Today we know that, if we think just about the home, there are different ways of reaching remote control modes and an integration of different types of devices. One of these is KNX protocol.

This protocol is one of the world’s open standards. It allows automated and decentralised management of technological systems in a broad range of structures: commercial buildings, industries, offices, homes, public places, schools and others.

KNX is one of a group of projects created to reach more and more objectives of evolved construction, attentive to eco-sustainable development that focuses on people and comfort as added value.

Within the Smart Home project, we have decided to include the automation integration project with this protocol. The objective is to allow us to put the automation industry on the list of products compatible with KNX protocol and therefore which can be used in an integrated management system, in residential or industrial contexts.

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