Security and low voltage in new hydraulic motors.
Feb 2018 13

When we think of automating a door or gate, the choice of motors is the result of several considerations: limits of use, characteristics of the door, intensity of use, and level of security.

Oil hydraulic actuators for gates have always been the ideal solution wherever high duration and reduced component wear are required to accompany intensive use. These motorisations, working with the motor immersed in a tank of oil, allow for rapid heat dispersion unlike electromechanical motors, which make them the ideal solution especially for condominiums with many residents.

Another feature that differentiates oil hydraulic actuators from the electromechanical range is their silent operation, both during manoeuvres and when slowing down. This is due to the absence of traditional gears and the relative mechanical couplings, which are replaced by the pump and hydraulic piston. We use HYDRO model lobe pumps, widely recognised as the quietest system on today’s market.

And what about safety?

As for electromechanical actuators, models of hydraulic actuators are required to ensure a high level of safety. The low voltage HYDRO models (24 V DC) are the ideal solution because, thanks to the amperometric detection associated with the encoder signal, they guarantee safe function, against possible episodes of crushing things or people.