Protection, comfort and energy saving. How to get them!
Feb 2018 09

The awnings, in addition to being an aesthetic and decorative element used to improve the outdoor areas of houses, are a valid ally to take care rooms by excessive sun exposure.

This allow us to decrease heat loads and dampen energy consumption needed to refresh rooms, especially during summer.

In other situation, the use of an outdoor blind enables us to make place like terrace and gardens habitable and therefore available.

On the market there are different categories and different types of awnings, made with resistan fabric, able to effectively shield the sunlight  and able to differentiate according to contex or utilisation.

Next to the model, however, is important give time for the choice of solution for their handling.

What are the advantages of automating awnings?


Through automation sistems is possible handle opening and closing for one or more awnings or blinds, in a simple and fast way trough a transmitter, a wall-mounted pushbutton panel or  smartphone and tablet.


With the connection between automations and light sensor is possible setting up automatic opening or closing, optimize the sun exposure for the place even if there is no one home.


Connecting with their respective rain or wind sensor, is possible setting up awning closing for protecting the structure for any damage.

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