Superbe: the perfect product
Oct 2017 10

All around the world the need to protect daily our access gates is always growing, in Europe just like in the rest of the world.

In Algeria, since 2011, there is a highly structured business which handles all aspects of access gates. It has been collaborating for years with the Benincà group.

We asked Mr. Riache Abderraouf to talk with us about the company, and to help us understand better the needs of this market in steady growth.

“Our company has existed since 2011, and we have been familiar with the group and products of the CAB company for 8 years. Our business is made up of industrial closures, doors and shutters, and so we work a great deal with the SUPERBE line.

In the market, CAB shutter motors prove to be the best solution, not just for the product’s characteristics – solid and robust – but also for the 5-year warrantee we can offer with it.

Here too service is an important element, which means we can make the difference. Since CAB has been part of the Benincà group we have been able to offer another important component which allows us to distinguish ourselves.

If you were to describe a CAB motor? simply perfect.

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