RISE bollards: a story of safety and integration
Aug 2017 01

Access control systems have become more and more important in those circumstances in which it is necessary to monitor movements, traffic and toll-systems in residential areas or restricted traffic zones.

RISE is the company of the BENINCA’ GROUP specialised in the production of vehicle and pedestrian access control systems, and is constantly looking for new technologically advanced solutions.

The bollards VIGILANT and FORCE represent the perfect solution for both the traffic management and the access protection against break-in attempts. Equipped with a technology which allows for a high number of cycles and very low power consumption, VIGILANT and FORCE guarantee their operation even in case of a power failure.

The latest generation technology used to produce the bollards VIGILANT and FORCE, and the related control units, allows the RISE bollards to communicate with the most sophisticated remote access control systems in the market thanks to the serial port RS485.

The RISE interface ET1, combined with a video surveillance system, allows checking the status of the bollards or any other connected automation, and sending UP/DOWN commands from the PC.

RISE bollards are also equipped with the anti-vandal function which detects forced or unauthorised DOWN commands, activates the bollard, sets off the buzzer or sends a signal to the alarm system.

RISE offers the possibility to operate your own bollards or any other automation through the READO, the cars’ number plate reader with OCR software. READO can operate in stand-alone mode and does not need a dedicated computer.

In addition, the MULTIPASS concentrator allows administrating vehicle and pedestrian accesses in real time. MULTIPASS can manage up to 255 different terminals, such as RFID readers and antennas, number plate readers and receivers. MULTIPASS is already equipped with its own software and can administrate users, readers, cards etc. from any computer of the NET.



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