5, 8 or 9 wheels? How to choose the most suitable support roller for a cantilever gate
Aug 2017 01

Cantilever sliding gates are not equipped with a track on the ground, but they are characterised by a track fixed on the basis of the gate, which slides on two support rollers fixed on the ground with a concrete foundation.

They are very common in Northern Europe and America, and represent the ideal solution in residential and industrial contexts, both for the high level of safety due to the lack of the track on the ground, which prevents the derailment of the gate, and the effective functioning even in case of severe weather conditions, such as frost and snow.

On the market, there are different kinds of support rollers and solutions according to the gate weight or specific installation requirements.

HI MOTIONS proposes different ranges of support rollers, with 5, 8 or 9 wheels, but how to choose the most suitable one?

Data about the length and the weight of the gate are essential to understand which one of these three solutions should be chosen, but there are also some situations in which it is possible to use more than one kind of support rollers. In these cases, there are some important differences between these three models to take into account.

Support rollers with 5 wheels represent a good balance between the load capacity and construction costs. There are different series namely S, M, L, XL according to the size of the gate, and versions equipped with the locking screw or not. The use of the locking screw is useful to counteract the gate dropping that occurs during the movement when the gate shifts its centre of gravity from one half to the other, unloading the plays and tolerances onto the track.

Should it be necessary in the building of the gate to reduce the total length of the gate to a minimum, the series 8 can be the ideal solution, as under the same conditions (length and weight of the gate) it allows minimising the tail of the gate. Even in this case, HI MOTIONS provides different series for the model with 8 wheels, namely M, L, LM and XL.

The last model consists of support rollers with 9 wheels, which can be installed in every context with the same limitations of use of the series L with 8 wheels. The main feature of the support rollers with 9 wheels is the ninth middle wheel, which allows for a stable and safe movement by minimising the play between the support roller and the track.

The use of this model is particularly interesting on installations characterised by big-size gates, as it allows facilitating and simplifying the installer’s work.

Unlike the series with 8 wheels, with the models with 9 wheels it is possible to reduce the number of guide plates in the gate, gaining an optimal result.

For particularly heavy applications, we would recommend the article 301.16XXL.

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