The story behind the Sapelcam company
Jun 2017 20

At work, like in life, we try to be around people who share similar values with us. As people we look for stories we can identify with.

The story behind the Sapelcam company, our partner in Cameroon, tells the tale of a family business born 20 years ago through the work of an entrepreneur, which is carried forward today by his children.

It is a story of entrepreneurship, dreams and family.

It is a business which since its founding up to today has always handled doors, windows and shutters. Its key to success has been the ability to carry forward in time the work started many years ago.

Today, KOUAM KENGNE HERVE tells us about the opportunities there are in Cameroon and especially how he got to know the Benincà group.

“Given that our company handles doors, windows and shutters, we have to supply our clients with a finished product. For about 2 years now we have been working with CAB shutter motors and we are very satisfied with their design, but above all with the quality, robustness and reliability of the products. By offering CAB products we have received a lot of appreciation from our clients in these years.

Another challenge in our market is having a variety of offerings every day, including shutter motors and other things. We build doors, windows and closures in general, and we need to have different products for different needs. Having one single contact is key, however, and thanks to the Benincà Group all this is possible. We offer all-around service with a wide range of solutions.

If I were to describe CAB products, I could certainly say that they are synonymous with quality, robustness and design.

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