An automation “pit bull” for rolling shutters in Morocco
May 2017 26

The business of industrial and residential closures is always searching for solutions which can guarantee continually heightened quality standards, ensuring security and protection. The Benincà group in Morocco collaborates with a company founded in 2009 which produces industrial and residential closures, while also handling the distribution of automation systems.

Benincà and Cab, two of the group’s companies which work in the closures sector, offer the widest range of solutions. For this and other reasons, the two partners and brothers, Zirari Khalid and Essam, decided to choose the group as a partner.

We’ve known Cab since 2008 and we have always considered it to be a company with high-quality products. Ours is a market where shutter motors are very common, and where power, reliability and the warrantee are key factors when choosing a security closure.

These three aspects are found throughout Benincà group’s assortment of shutter motors. Currently, in particular, the 5-year warrantee on the SUPERBE line is helping us distinguish ourselves in the market.

The group has surely played an essential role in all this because it is synonymous with union – having one contact to talk with about products, communication and training makes it possible for us to have everything under control at all times and to be up-to-date, always.

If you were to describe CAB products with one word? It certainly is the automation pit bull in Morocco.”

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