New touch selector for EASYONE-R redundant sliding door.
Jul 2016 15

MYONE presents the new touch selector for the cable control of the new EASYONE-R redundant sliding door.

The selector is used to select the automatic door operating mode, check the charge level of the door battery and check for any control centre information (I icon).

In the event of a mains power failure, the battery icon on the selector will light up to inform the user that the door is being powered from the battery.  The battery icon will flash to indicate that the battery connection has been lost or that the battery charge level is low.

The selector 31MP005 is used to select one of the five operating modes.

-          Automatic operation with the option of also selecting where required the mode combining:

  • Partial opening: Useful during winter
  • One-way opening

-          Always open mode

-          Always closed mode

The pushbutton at the top centre of the selector is used to lock the selector in order to prevent unauthorised access or unauthorised changes to the selector settings.

The selector can be unlocked in two ways.

-          Holding the button pressed down for 3 seconds

-          Using a card or a badge

If you use a badge to unlock the selector this will also activate the change mode function and in the night-time mode will restrict door opening to authorised users only (i.e. holders of the card required).

Multiple cards can be memorized using a master card.



  1. Robert Anum says:

    I want to buy spare parts for upgrade and enhancement of my client’s EASYONE sliding door.
    I tried calling but the lines were busy . Kindly respond ASAP!

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