The new MYONE redundant sliding door
Jun 2016 17

The new MYONE redundant sliding door, EASYONE R, is the best choice for safety, reliability, but particularly it is TÜV certified, which means you can use this emergency door without installing an anti-panic profile.

This door has many new innovating characteristics. In particular, you can find the emergency control unit, which communicate with the main control board, a 24Vdc three-phased brushless motor with double circuit, which ensures the best performances and silence. It has a bistable electric lock and it uses double technology sensors.

EASYONE R is the automatic sliding door that will always open, even in case of lack of power supply, or a failure on any component of the same door. All this means that you can install your door in all context being sure of its maximum safety.

Let’s see in details how the control board and the motor work.

The main control board, particularly sophisticated, makes periodically (every 24h) a series of tests meant to check

-          The presence of main power supply

-          The charging state of the battery

-          The state of both circuits of the motor

-          The proper operation of the encoder

-          The proper operation of the bistable electric lock

Other than this, every 10 seconds, the control board makes other important tests on the motor and on the sensors, in order to check their proper operation and the absence of anomalies.

It is this continuous verification state of the system to make EASYONE R a safe and reliable door.

MYONE worked not only on these series of test, but also on another very important feature: the upgrade and the setup of the system.

Thanks to a micro SD port, located on the main control panel, it is possible to export in a quick and easy way, the full setup of the system, but also check on the events and the possible errors (log).

By means of this micro SD port, you can even upgrade the firmware of the automation.

These control systems, tests and update, allow the best operation level ensuring safety and reliability.

In case of lack of power supply, the emergency unit, which works by battery, sends a signal to the same battery, allowing the system to open the door.

After 30s, the battery turns down to save the charge and the door stays in opening position until the main power supply is back.

The routine tests begin anew each 24 hours and every 10 seconds.

The very noise level of the EASYONE R is ensured by the 24Vdc threephased brushless motor with encoder, which has a double stator, so that it can be connected both to the main control board and on the emergency unit.

The absence of brushes allows a silent operation and a longer life-span.

EASYONE R: the evolution of MYONE sliding doors, safety, reliability and technology.





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