The new 9 wheel carriage, 301.9L
May 2016 19

 HI MOTIONS presents the new 9 wheel carriage, 301.9L, for cantilever gates up to 700 kg.

The carriage has been designed to guarantee the best performance and the highest stability.

Thanks to the ninth middle wheel, the use of the carriage 301.9L allows a steady and safe sliding, minimising the game between the carriage and the guide (roller).

It is particularly interesting to use this model on installations characterised by big size gates, as it allows facilitating the technician’s work.

The 9 wheel cantilever gate can be installed in every context, with the same use restrictions of the 8L series. Differently from this one, it is possible to reduce the quantity of front rollers in the gate, achieving in this way a better result.



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