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Team spirit and customer loyalty

Located in the town of Newbury, Berkshire in southern England, BENINCA’ UK has represented the BENINCA HOLDING group in the UK since 2012.

A close-knit staff and a winning formula are the foundations on which the company has built its success in just a few years.

BENINCA UK has brought the real Face to Face spirit of the group to England, through precise commercial and distribution choices, directly communicating with its customers via strategies and initiatives to ensure the highest level of care and customer loyalty.

Our target is the professional alongside whom all the staff cooperates every day through specific training and refresher programmes.

Thus was born the Network Installer, which is a network of partners constantly kept up-to-date on new products, and able to offer each local area the products of the Holding group responding to the various installation needs or situations, through a direct and constant relationship with the specialized staff.

Inside the Network Installer programme there is also a special safety project (BENINCA’ essential safety) which allows professionals to be kept constantly up-to-date, also thanks to the collaboration of some major British entities (DHF, GATE SAFE). With this programme, support is guaranteed including a risk assessment format for the system installation process.

Experience, passion and team spirit are the strong points of this constantly growing company.

Ivo Russev: the distribution strategy and the birth of BESIDE
Mar 2015 16

In January of 2004, the first branch of the BENINCA’ and CAB brands, Beside Ltd, was established in Bulgaria.

Immediately, a dialogue with professionals was initiated in order to introduce the product on the market. Right from the early years the branch and the two brands began to grow at a good rate.

10 years after its foundation, the branch manager IVO RUSSEV, retraces the steps of this journey, through distribution and product choices.

1)      Meeting with Benincà: the story of a personal and professional journey:

As often happens in life, the first meeting with Benincà was fortuitous. As a foreign trade consultant of electro-technical products, I met Mr Aldo Benincà, who had come to Bulgaria in 2002 for a visit. Then I went to visit the company in Italy and I met Luigi Benincà in addition to the rest of the team. I immediately appreciated the open way the Benincà brothers do things, which is also professional and pragmatic. The approach of the owners, as typical “self-made” people, and the professionalism and industriousness of the staff have created a solid and highly efficient team in the Benincà company, something I’ve always admired and tried to pursue in my work.

In 2003, Benincà was developing the idea of setting up branches abroad. A proposal was made for me to be a partner for the Bulgarian branch and I accepted the challenge. At that time in Bulgaria, the main competitors of Benincà were already well established in the market and it was clear that the mission would be difficult.

2)      The leading products in the growth of the brand, choices and opportunities:

We achieved our first successes quite early on, thanks to the CAB products for rolling shutters.  In a short time we were able to gain a leading position on the Bulgarian market, thanks to the good quality of the CAB motors, our contacts with the main customers and the competitive prices we offered. We still hold pole position with the CAB products for rolling shutters and over the years we have developed markets for the other Benincà products – barriers, automation systems for gates, sectional doors etc. Now we are positioned in the first places in Bulgaria for almost all types of automated devices. Currently we are also promoting the new products of the Beninca Holding branches – Himotions, Rise and Myone. Our growing range of products allows us to have a complete spread of options even for large projects. [..]

IRIDE : the new BENINCA’ line of accessories
Feb 2015 20

The eye is the instrument across which we have contact with reality, we live out our emotions and we build our own world.

We at BENINCA have always conceived and designed products across which we can improve our lives and perform our daily routines everyday, in every corner of the world.

Today these two concepts find their maximum expression in the pairing ACROSS DESIGN ACROSS THE WORLD which bears the double meaning of “across”.

The evolution in our products leads us to think of them increasingly as genuine protagonists in our everyday life, instruments capable of putting the company in contact with people who choose to live with greater safety and comfort.

This is how IRIDE was conceived, the new BENINCA’ line of accessories (available by the end of this year), which is more than ever the symbol of this contact – 4 items that, thanks to their shape and new features, are becoming genuine vehicles of communication.

New tactile and visual perceptions allow us to have living contact with objects in a profound manner, making them become a part of us, our eyes to read reality.


Barcelona model: an excellence smart city
Feb 2015 12

The city of Barcelona, with a population of 1.6 million inhabitants, is located in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula and has long been considered a true international point of reference on the topic of smart cities.

The “Barcelona model” is studied and taken as an example for the open-mindedness shown over the years in understanding how the value of knowledge could become strategic in improving the urban environment and infrastructures.

Underlying the Smart City concept, in fact, there is a capability to manage complex processes that involve several leading role figures of different sorts, stakeholders who are often in conflict and need to be mediated.

In line with this thought, Barcelona was definitely one of the first cities to organize its own social and economic system with the aim of collecting data and information that could become a source of improvement and creation of benefits for all the different role players in the city.

This is how actions and initiatives aimed to improve the efficiency of the infrastructure of the urban context with the production of new services, have been proposed over the years.

It all happened with a new participatory approach with all citizens taking up a new more active and dynamic role, compared with the past.

It was within this fertile land that BENINCA’ decided to lay its roots in 2009 with its BENINCA NORTE branch, making its product range available for a larger project that looks to the future and to new technologies as a source of inspiration.

The branch, located in Manresa, operates through its distribution network offering all the products of the BENINCA’ HOLDING Group and continuing a process of growth and widespread awareness of the brand that in recent years has led to significant results.

Growth and collaboration has also continued through the work that in these years our major distributors have made in the local areas, allowing us to lay the foundations for the construction of a new collective path.


Feb 2015 04

2013 was the year in which the group reinforced their new way of communicating with the market and customers.

It was the year that marked the transition to a more open approach, once again to make the customer the focus of our attention, seen as a strategic partner and as a worldwide testimonial of the values of the group.

This is why the new AUTOMATION VILLAGE is the place where you can gather all the information relevant to products and enjoy a real in-depth BENINCA’ EXPERIENCE: inside a dedicated area in the central office of Sandrigo conceived for technical training, practice and in-depth knowledge of the product range.

The goal is to provide evidence of our desire to share the BENINCA’ world with our partners.

Now, thanks to the new premises of BENINCA POLONIA, the second historical branch of the group, the Automation Village turns global, testimonial of a unique contamination of ideas, of a desire to share and to open the doors of the company.

It is actually in this new branch, located in the city of Czosnow near Warsaw, that the AUTOMATION VILLAGE of the main group headquarters comes to life.

The new facility ensures a high level of service thanks to the large warehouse, but also allows you to devote more attention to exhibiting products and to areas for meetings and customer training.

Once again, thanks to our Polish branch, the worldwide project to give to our customers a BENINCA’ EXPERIENCE is taking shape, more than ever declaring the concept of automation community.

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