Nov 2014 22

In many cases, mechanical stops installed on the ground can pose problems due to the characteristics of the road or the gate’s position.

Indeed, for certain installations the gate level must be raised (e.g. on uphill roads, etc.); as a result, the closing stops can become a cumbersome presence and complicate the passage of cars and vehicles in general.

Thanks to the experience of BENINCA’ and HI MOTIONS, however, a new hinge has been designed for hinged-leaf gates that has incorporated mechanical stops adjustable for the opening and closing phases.

The new hinge allows for adjusting the gate’s opening extension and closing point in a straightforward and quick manner, thus preventing potential problems stemming from stops installed on the ground.

Its characteristics make it capable of withstanding the substantial stress generated at the base of the hinge. Furthermore, the hinge is ideal for use on automated systems with encoder-based motors.

The new season of the Civic Theatre in Thiene
Nov 2014 13

The new season of the Civic Theatre in Thiene (Vicenza) has started.

Like last year, Benincà has once again decided to sponsor the theatre’s activities.

The stars of the first show  #AMADEUS include : Tullio Solenghi, Aldo Ottobrino and Roberto Alinghieri.

Tullio Solenghi has performed at the theatre on various occasions, the first time in 2004/2005 with the show “The Odd Couple”, then again in 2007/2008 with “The Marriage of Figaro”, in 2009/20010 with “Italiani si nasce e noi lo nacquimo” and lastly in 2012/2013 with the show “Moscheta”.

Aldo Ottobrino appeared at the theatre in 2003/2004, in Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure”, in which he played two roles, as Lucio, friend of the young gentleman Claudio, and Froth, the fool.

Roberto Alinghieri came to Thiene for the first time in 1993/1994 with the Gogol play “The Inspector General”.

All the dates of the XXXV Prose Theatre Season 2014/2015

Ascom for Rise
Nov 2014 07

According to research conducted by the ASCOM (traders’ association), thefts and episodes of vandalism have increased considerably over the last few years.

<<The level of insecurity  -  explains the deputy director of Ascom Bergamo, Oscar Fusini -  has increased. There have been fewer thefts at banks and post offices, but thefts in shops have increased. >>

Lombardy is the Italian region hit by the highest number of thefts, robberies and break-ins. The businesses at greatest risk are no longer petrol stations and tobacconists, but a very large number of shops with medium-low turnover, which suffer huge damages in thefts of property worth just several dozen Euro.

In order to deal with this growing problem, the company Alba Elettronic of Pedrengo, which operates in the security and  alarm systems sector, has signed an important agreement with the traders’ association to allow traders to equip their businesses with appropriate security systems: automatic bollards.

The models proposed by Alba Elettronic are the RISE bollards of the Benincà Holding group, which guarantee maximum resistance, since they are installed underground and buried in reinforced concrete, without altering their appearance.

These devices allow the area to be protected during the night and then “disappear” into the ground during normal daily activities. Due to their principal characteristics, they may also be installed by display windows and entrances without reducing the space used for access of cars and other vehicles, for example.

Unlike other devices, the bollard can resist the impact of an 18-hundredweight vehicle travelling at 55 km/h and can also be used in the various versions where an even higher level of security is required (resistance to impact up to a 25-hundredweight vehicle travelling at 65 km/h).

Another agreement was also presented as part of this project, with a company in Treviglio, a leader in the protection of shops, SecurShop, which offers the possibility of connecting their video-surveillance system with law enforcement agencies.

In this case, with just a small investment in the service, the police and Carabinieri, who monitor the shop in real time, can intervene promptly in the case of an attempted theft or break-in.

Oct 2014 29

The primary purpose of  AREA ARTE project is to promote cultural initiatives in North Eastern Italy with a quarterly review focused particularly on the innovative work of young local artists.

This is an opportunity not only to promote what makes our territory unique, by supporting young artists’ projects, but also to take part in cultural events and initiatives by investing in philanthropic projects associated with the major local art schools.

It is precisely with a view to finding a new and significant way of enhancing the territory in which it is situated that BENINCA’ has chosen to sponsor the AreaArte project.

Research, innovation and tradition – these are just some of the keys to the growth of BENINCA’.

Elements which look to the future, but which are rooted in a territory known for its excellence, based on the very values which have made the Benincà brand what it is.

The artists selected for 2014 are:

Arnold Mario Dall’O

His work is often inspired by news images (drawn from the internet or newspapers) and popular or religious symbols, which he reworks technically and manually to open up a wide range of episodes.

Mattia Novello


Mattia Novello’s artistic personality was formed by the worlds of street art and photography, and he shares with them the claim of the individual to stand out from the anonymity of the modern city.

Paolo Loschi

The awareness that even the smallest incident can change our lives has become the key to Paolo Loschi’s work as an artist.

Mirta Caccaro

She uses wood cuts for much of her work, which is largely focused on telling and illustrating children’s stories drawn from folk traditions.

Hartwig Thaler

He first came into contact with the world of art at the age of twenty, when he encountered the cultural milieux of Vienna. Since then reason, instinct, stress and relaxation have characterised his work.

Martina Lollato 

A young artist from Asola, her work is characterised by on-going innovation and research, so that every piece is vibrant and vital.

Bianca Susy Piva


Her work stands out for her close contact with nature, although her porcelain figures are largely abstract. This is especially true of her spiral works, magical labyrinths which, with their geometrical form, redefine one of the motifs most pregnant with symbolic meaning to be found in the natural world.

Aug 2014 25

MADE IN IUAV is an interesting and exciting project which, since its beginnings in 2001, has focused on the design, development and production of items by pooling together the energy and know-how of students, designers and enterprise.

“Made in Iuav” is a testament to the genuine collaboration between the university and the numerous players involved in the local institutional, cultural, economic and production system, which, over the years, has been the backbone for developments in design in the North East of Italy.

Based in one of the most vital and advanced areas in Europe, this integration has engendered a unique cluster of creativity.

BENINCA took part in the project from 30 June to 4 July with the aim of defining a new line of accessories to be presented at the international R+T 2015 event scheduled for 24 to 28 February 2015.

The result was a complex process which gave the company a new approach to product and design, thanks in particular skilled staff including designer Bruce Fifield.

All delivered projects were in keeping with the design brief provided by the company and feature innovative forms, new functional ideas and a strong identity.

Numerous initiatives took place during the week of creativity. One of these was the conference with Virginio Briatore on Design Empathy, which spawned even more important new insights.

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