IRI.CELL the new cover of the vandal resistant accessory for photocells
Feb 2016 04

Safety devices are always essential in industrial and residential environments.

Particularly photocells represent an important tool to prevent impacts on things or people in every stage of handling of gates, doors or front doors.

For this reason we need to obtain the maximum protection against accidental impacts or vandalism acts, because it is necessary for this component.

That’s why Benincà launches on the market IRI.CELL the new cover of the vandal resistant accessory for the PUPILLA/PUPILLAF photocells.

The new accessory consists in a real photocell protection against outside tampering or accidental breakage. IRI CELL  is all made of metal and consists in a solid frontal case with a refined design, hidden screws and a metal bottom, which protects the photocell against the direct corresponding part on the wall by allowing the maximum protection.

The assembly is fast and easy and it allows to keep the photocells adjustable by 180°.

New generation of road barriers
Oct 2015 28

BENINCA’ presents the new generation of road barriers, designed to maximize performances.

Several improvements have been made in terms of reliability, safety and quick installation:


  • This is achieved thanks to the absolute encoder which allows superior precision in slowdowns and therefore an advanced control on the movement of the rod, without ever losing the reference posture in the event of power blackout or with the release of the automation system;
  • Extended range power supply 85 to 265 Vac which minimizes standby power consumption, provided with built-in battery-charger;
  • Integrated STC System for the regular calculation of torque; this allows you to adjust the force as a function of any critical point or according to the real needs;
  • You can also set the number of cycles after which the scheduled maintenance notice of is triggered.


  • This is guaranteed thanks to the precise torque control system (STC System) that avoids false amperometric interventions thus representing, also during the installation and test phases of the system, a valuable tool in the field of regulations related to safety and in compliance with the impact curve values;
  • You can also check the safety devices at the beginning of each manoeuvre (phototest)

SPEED AND PROMPTNESS in installation

  • This is possible thanks to the new generation control box with its LCD display, built-in receiver and parameter AUTO SET;
  • The serial connection has an easy and prompt connection for functioning in contrasting rod mode;

The control panels installed in the new road barriers are also ADVANTOUCH Ready: so that you can apply all the functionality of the new programmer (software update and list management).

The new generation of barriers is finally available.
Oct 2015 28

Many improvements have been made in terms of safety, reliability and speed of installation: Parameters AUTO SET, STC system and absolute Encoder.

In particular, thanks to the absolute encoder it is possible to obtain maximum precision in the slowdowns by means of an advanced control of the beam movement.

Again with regard to the movement, EVA guarantees maximum fluidity during all the operational phases.

With regard to safety, the STC System also represents a real strong point of the new EVA barriers.

The immediate control of obstacles, which is achieved thanks to this system, enables false amperometric tripping to be avoided, thereby representing, even during the installation and testing phases, an important tool in terms of legislation requirements.

The EVA barriers are also fitted with an integrated receiver and built-in battery charger, thus guaranteeing operation even in the event of power outages.

By using EVA, access points have never been so safe!

Look at our blog to discover all the new features!




JM3.ESA Turbo
Oct 2015 12

The wait is over!

JM.3ESA Turbo saving you precious time.

Thanks to the 75% increase in speed compared with the standard version, JIM significantly cuts your waiting time when opening and closing the door.

The control unit allows opening and closing speed to be independently adjusted with values of from 8.9 to 15.5 m/min.

This means a shorter wait and more secure access to your home.

JM.3ESA Turbo is fast, but guarantees all of the safety of a motor designed to meet the highest European standards.

As well as adjustable opening and closing slowing, the new model keeps the characteristics of the other models in the JIM range.

JIM Turbo has the energy saving ESA SYSTEM device, encoder and STC System that allows dynamic data acquisition through a precision calculation of the torque, providing useful indications about the power to be supplied.

JM3ESA Turbo don’t wait enjoy your time!

Oct 2015 02



Underground motors for swing gates are the ideal solution in all those situations where it is necessary to combine the convenience and security of an automatic system with precise aesthetic requirements.

With its 30 years of experience BENINCA’ has a long tradition in designing and manufacturing these types of motors, which enables it to provide the market with one of the most complete ranges of automation devices.

Two series of models are available, DU.IT and DU.350, and they allow the automation of gates with widths of from 2.1 to 4 m per opening.

The DU.IT series models are available in 230 VAC or 24 VDC versions. The low voltage versions are able to guarantee maximum anti-crushing safety and they operate with batteries in the event of a power failure.

Both versions are equipped with an encoder device which, in addition to guaranteeing high safety levels, allows maximum precision to be obtained during movement of the gate.

The DU.350 series, on the other hand, is characterised by actuators in an oil bath, designed to also operate at low temperatures. Their operation is also guaranteed in the cases of intensive use, due to the high performance levels and reduced wear. DU.350 is also ideal for installation on large sized gates.

The company has taken great care in the selection of materials and components for both versions (DU.IT and DU.350). In fact, the mechanical components are made completely of metal in both models, thereby guaranteeing robustness, solidity and maximum service life.

But the optimisation of these products does not stop here; modifications and improvements to many models is still continuing. In particular, on the DU.350NGE model for gates of up to 4 m in length per opening, the company has decided to improve the performance levels by using cast iron for the motor’s main gear wheel.

This modification guarantees maximum reliability even in particularly harsh installation conditions.

This improvement once again sees BENINCA’ as one of the leaders in this type of automation and the DU.350 model is the absolute reference product on the market.

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