Jul 2015 13


BE.CODE: The new digital keyboard
Jun 2015 26

New BE.CODE keyboard for controlling automated systems without the need for wiring.

The keyboard allows you to make settings for up to a maximum of 254 different codes linking the device to receivers with HCS, ARC or fixed coding (the three different types of coding can co-exist on one keyboard, all at the same time).

The keyboard also has an additional function as a proximity switch that allows the command to be sent simply as a result of its activation, without the need to enter the code.

Equipped with a 3 V 1400 mAh lithium-ion battery, BE.CODE has an open air range of 100 m, and is simple and easy to use thanks to the LED backlight and the buzzer that signals correct operation or provides low-battery warning.

You can also set a security password that protects the programming of the device.

Lastly, BE.CODE allows you to speed up installation and configuration because it can memorize codes without the need to intervene on the receiver, thanks to the hierarchical management of the codes themselves.

BENINCA USA : the protection and security of luxury goods
May 2015 19

Star Island is an artificial island, completed in 1922, located between the city of Miami and the island of Miami Beach. To enter it, after taking the bridge that leads from the MacArthur Causeway to this anthropic strip of sand, some guards will ask you to identify yourself before actually gaining access to the island.

After this check, some barriers open widely leading to a small paradise on Earth, in a spectacular marriage of sea, tropical fauna and architecture. In Star Island there are about thirty-five villas, many of which have a private marina. The choice of materials and design creates a mix with a common denominator: luxury.

International stars such as Lenny Kravitz, Madonna and Sylvester Stallone (just to name a few), have lived here. And it is here that it becomes essential to protect adequately the properties from the intrusion of strangers. Choosing to motorize the gates of your own villa becomes the perfect solution combining the needs of “safety”, referred to your own personal safety, and the needs of “security”, intended as protection from intentional acts that could harm people or things.

In Italian, the word “sicurezza” expresses both concepts described above, but the modern society increasingly requires the tutelage of both aspects; Benincà products respond to this need through precise technical and design choices, ensuring maximum protection.


May 2015 08

The French market is considered one of the most important for the BENINCA’ group.

BENINCA HOLDING, since 2008, in the second largest economy of the Eurozone, has structured a very precise strategy, which is flexible and dynamic, but also capable of providing both maximum professionalism and a comprehensive service.

The French branch and the related team of professionals (distributors and installers) has taken the BENINCA’ brand, in the last few years, to the highest level of quality and reliability, through a simple but very effective distribution network

The work carried out by the branch, in the recent years of direct presence, has aimed to continue the path of professionalism but by extending the specific areas of competence.

The group, made up of a branch manager and several dedicated sales staff members, has as its main objective the construction of a network of professionals able to propose our group’s products, bringing that professionalism and specialization inherent in the DNA of the Holding group into France.

It is a group that by exploiting the synergy created through the production of complementary products, is able to ensure advanced technical solutions while presenting themselves as a strategic partner for installers and other professionals, thanks to their particular attention to service quality.

BENINCA FRANCE has been a real reference point for installers and professionals and it is constantly growing thanks to its customized training courses and dedicated after-sales service.

The new Myone telescopic door
Apr 2015 27

EASYONE TELESCOPIC is the new Myone telescopic door, in the version with 1+1 and 2+2 sliding doors; it is a quiet and compact operator and it fits perfectly with the rest of our product range.

This automated system is recommended for every entrance where space is limited, or where you want to get a wide transition area larger than the one offered by a normal sliding door.

EASYONE is provided pre-assembled with the doors already synchronized, in order to facilitate and speed up the installation of the product.

The telescopic operator unit is placed inside a special container, where you can also find emergency batteries, and is equipped with a Switching Full Range 115/230 Vac power supply.

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