New patented guide system for SUPERBE
Jan 2015 26

The new SUPERBE rolling shutter equipped with an innovative patented guide system capable of significantly improve its performance. The new model was designed to ensure maximum reliability even under difficult installation conditions, with poorly executed rolling shutters and below optimum balancing.

The system is constituted by a high performance flange in engineering plastic that allows you to distribute the radial load over a greater surface than the solution with bearings and also holds up high axial loads.

With this modification, SUPERBE has gained greater presence in the market becoming a product with unique performance and a strong distinctive element.

The new version will be available for all the currently existing series 60 models, 230 Vac and 24 Vdc, with 1 or 2 motors.

All models are characterized by design lines studied to ensure maximum simplicity and speed of installation, and are provided with automatic limit switches with fast connections and integrated power supply for the electric brake.

R+T Stuttgart 2015
Jan 2015 23

The R+T event scheduled for 24 to 28 February 2015 will be celebrating its 50th birthday.

Founded in 1965, it has always been a central reference point for the trends in the field of roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems.

The aim of the next edition is to create development opportunities for the market and, in particular, to confirm the leading role that the Fair enjoys.

There are many events planned such as conferences and specialist meetings for architects, engineers and industry professionals.

The world’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection will offer a wealth of opportunities for visitors to the fair to gather information on focal themes and also provide their own views, upon request.


They will be provided with The Art of Planning with a Congress on “Façades 2015”. During the event, well-known architects, engineers, and researchers will present their latest developments, their futuristic designs and experiments on facades for the present and the future. There will be a focus on new technologies and new materials that can provide a wider range of ways of creating today’s facades.

The move between in-depth discussions on the exterior and on fittings for the interior will be covered during the GID DAY (German Interior Designers’ Day); this event will make the Fair the focal point for a debate among German architects on topics concerning the interior design.

The Congress will feature some prominent speakers such as Jan Kleihues, J. Mayer H., Enrique Sobejano, Rolf Romani and Peter Deluse.


Alongside these initiatives there will also be a forum dedicated to “Home networks” which will offer insights for a more in-depth examination of the Home, addressing issues related to property management and home automation. This will cover individual devices that enable a more profitable use of the domestic environment, focussing on the ongoing development of the “smart home”.

In addition to this, the programme will continue with the Forum BVT on doors and gates that will deal exclusively with that topic for three full days. The Cooperation Exchange, that was launched for the first time at the R+T 2009 together with Handwerk International Baden-Württemberg, will again take place in February 2015. This will assist companies interested in creating new contacts.

To learn about these and other scheduled initiatives, all you need to do is connect to the site ( or follow the news on the social networks, while you look forward to visiting the international exhibition and BENINCA’ will be at stand D22 in Hall 6!



ACROSS DESIGN ACROSS THE WORLD the role of our products in the world
Jan 2015 09

The history of BENINCA’ began as the union of a perfect duality, the meeting of two souls – technology and commercial acumen – that conceived a joint project whose balance enables evolution with no fear of adulteration.

Forms, new features and a global vision are the elements that have led the company over these years to develop products, that are the fruit and testimony of that perfect union between two entrepreneurial souls, two brothers who believed in their dream.

Today, all the products in the range are developed and exist within this perfect pairing; they travel across the world meeting the wide-ranging needs of their contacts through functional and design solutions that can make everyday life easier and faster.

This is why ACROSS DESIGN ACROSS THE WORLD is not just the new way we want to present our products, set within the current and continually developing worldwide context, but it is also the evolution of a promise made more than 35 years ago, a journey inside a perfect duality, the evolution of working FACE TO FACE.

The company is celebrating a new way to communicate with its partners and with the marketplace, opening up to the world and taking up the challenge.

Our products provide the connecting bridge between the company and the market, a lens through which to see and experience the company and its brand.

Stay tuned #R+T2015




Dec 2014 23


Posted In Security

Today’s name for access control is MULTIPASS, a new integrated system that manages real-time accesses from any PC connected to the network.

The types of access may be pedestrian or vehicular and are checked with different types of terminals (readers, antennas, licence plate readers, card readers and remote controls). MULTIPASS can handle up to 255 terminals and an unlimited number of rolling code cards/remote controls.

It does not require any software to be installed and its reliability is ensured by a VORTEX 86 800 Mhz processor supported by a 256 MB RAM.

MULTIPASS allows you to:

  • Manage various groups of people
  • Handle countdown cards/subscriptions
  • Enable/disable cards and/or users
  • Manage different access zones/time slots
  • Manage the system remotely including technical assistance
  • Create an automatic back up of recorded events/transactions
  • Export recorded data about transactions/events

The RISE access control system can also operate in stand-alone mode.

The various connected terminals are managed through a RS485 serial line, with the option to configure the concentrator as primary or secondary.

Therefore you can manage very complex systems through the series connection of several devices that interact with each other according to precise logics and hierarchies.

The new technical portal for professionals

The AUTOMATION VILLAGE has ushered in a new era of direct dialogue with customers and partners.

Nowadays, the creation of a community goes through a development of the FACE-TO-FACE approach, until you reach a stage, through specific tools, where you can talk directly with your market stakeholders and develop the company’s role into one of technical partner.

This is how the new BENINCA’ site has been conceived, as a truly professional channel where you can draw on information about the group, the company, but mainly its products.

A professional area containing in-depth content including technical and commercial videos, training course videos, technical information and product specification sheets, in-depth articles from the blog concerning each product, and lastly a dedicated LIVE CHAT with our after-sales service team.

Once again, the key people we are talking to are professionals.

The aim of BENINCA’ is to build a direct relationship of service and increased customer loyalty with them in order to offer innovative technical and cutting edge solutions.

A tool that almost becomes a portal of a technical nature, an on-line magazine where you can find out lots more about our products and technical solutions, where you can gain access to the BENINCA’ team and directly draw on the know-how we have gained in over 35 years of experience.

Dec 2014 23


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is the new HI MOTIONS manual barrier, perfect for installation in places where movement is fairly limited and where connection to the mains is not available.

The new barrier is suitable for passageways of up to 4 m and features an attractive, linear, compact design, thanks also to precise manufacturing choices.

In particular the internal counterweight (placed at the end of the barrier support) gives it an elegant appearance by minimising its dimensions.

Equipped with an internal lever mechanism for blocking the bar during opening and closing, LIMIT4 is simple and easy to install and is available in stainless steel or painted steel versions.

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