BE.CODE: The new digital keyboard
Dec 2014 19

New BE.CODE keyboard for controlling automated systems without the need for wiring.

The keyboard allows you to make settings for up to a maximum of 254 different codes linking the device to receivers with HCS, ARC or fixed coding (the three different types of coding can co-exist on one keyboard, all at the same time).

The keyboard also has an additional function as a proximity switch that allows the command to be sent simply as a result of its activation, without the need to enter the code.

Equipped with a 3 V 1400 mAh lithium-ion battery, BE.CODE has an open air range of 100 m, and is simple and easy to use thanks to the LED backlight and the buzzer that signals correct operation or provides low-battery warning.

You can also set a security password that protects the programming of the device.

Lastly, BE.CODE allows you to speed up installation and configuration because it can memorize codes without the need to intervene on the receiver, thanks to the hierarchical management of the codes themselves.

DUIT.14NVE: The motor for underground gates with encoder
Dec 2014 16


Automation systems for doors and gates are increasingly in need of intrinsic security systems both for 230 Vac and 24 Vdc models.

Over recent years there have been a number of significant improvements in the range of BENINCA’ products, used for automating hinged gates. Today we are able to offer a series of models capable of meeting various installation requirements while ensuring compliance with the strict safety standards required.

The encoder device in the 230 Vac models allows you to achieve maximum safety against crushing (guaranteed, conversely, by amperometric detection in the 24 Vdc models) and maximum precision during gate operation (for 230 Vac and 24 Vdc models).

Now, the underground automation models DU.IT14N/NV are also available in the version with encoder (DU.IT14NE/NVE), which is already found in the low-voltage model (DU.IT24NVE).

In this way, the company has completed its range of actuators for hinged-leaf gates, ensuring compliance with the highest standards in terms of safety and reliability.


Dec 2014 04

The FORCE 24 VDC electromechanical bollard range expands.

A new version, FORCE 825 KI, is now available. It is made of cataphoretic-coated steel or electropolished stainless steel (Grade 316), for protection in situations requiring a high degree of safety.

FORCE 825 KI obtained the certification from British laboratory MIRA Limited, based in Warwickshire, CV10 OTU. The bollard passed the test conducted with a vehicle weighing 2,500 kg travelling at a speed of 65 km/h. The energy released upon impact was equal to 422 KJ. FORCE thus obtained the rating IWA14-1: 2013 Rising Bollard V/2500 [N1G]/64/90: 5.0.




Nov 2014 22

In many cases, mechanical stops installed on the ground can pose problems due to the characteristics of the road or the gate’s position.

Indeed, for certain installations the gate level must be raised (e.g. on uphill roads, etc.); as a result, the closing stops can become a cumbersome presence and complicate the passage of cars and vehicles in general.

Thanks to the experience of BENINCA’ and HI MOTIONS, however, a new hinge has been designed for hinged-leaf gates that has incorporated mechanical stops adjustable for the opening and closing phases.

The new hinge allows for adjusting the gate’s opening extension and closing point in a straightforward and quick manner, thus preventing potential problems stemming from stops installed on the ground.

Its characteristics make it capable of withstanding the substantial stress generated at the base of the hinge. Furthermore, the hinge is ideal for use on automated systems with encoder-based motors.

The new season of the Civic Theatre in Thiene
Nov 2014 13

The new season of the Civic Theatre in Thiene (Vicenza) has started.

Like last year, Benincà has once again decided to sponsor the theatre’s activities.

The stars of the first show  #AMADEUS include : Tullio Solenghi, Aldo Ottobrino and Roberto Alinghieri.

Tullio Solenghi has performed at the theatre on various occasions, the first time in 2004/2005 with the show “The Odd Couple”, then again in 2007/2008 with “The Marriage of Figaro”, in 2009/20010 with “Italiani si nasce e noi lo nacquimo” and lastly in 2012/2013 with the show “Moscheta”.

Aldo Ottobrino appeared at the theatre in 2003/2004, in Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure”, in which he played two roles, as Lucio, friend of the young gentleman Claudio, and Froth, the fool.

Roberto Alinghieri came to Thiene for the first time in 1993/1994 with the Gogol play “The Inspector General”.

All the dates of the XXXV Prose Theatre Season 2014/2015

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